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It’s Right There, In Black and White

March 3, 2009

Me and success, we have issues. As in, Universe says, “You want success? Ok, here you go! The thing is, it’s not a straight line.”

Me:”But I want a straight line.”

Universe: “Uh-uh. Not gonna get it.”

Me: “Arrgh!!!”

…and so on, ad infinitum…

I’ve documented some of my struggle here on this site. I go round, and round, and round, and round (and round…). I try to find a reasonable, logical, step-by-step path to Getting Somewhere (wherever that is). What Am I Supposed To Do.

The thing is: it’s clear. It’s crystal clear. I just don’t want to see it, because it’s not SIMPLE. Because IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Because IT’S RISKY.

Because I’m a Virgo and I like some things to just go the way they are supposed to go. But things, they do not go the way we want. Often. Usually.

The Universe (or my subconscious) likes to speak to me in unsubtle terms. It speaks to me with car crashes (literally). With career roadblocks. And also with unexpected harmony, with outpourings of surprise opportunities. In every way possible, it says, “Go THIS way, not THAT way.” And yet I persist in going THAT way.

So here’s the thing. As I’ve said before, I’m good at lots of things, but stellar at none of them. Except… being good at lots of things. I’m very good at that. If I look at things that way, the world becomes wide open with a cornucopia of possibilities. None of them move in a straight line. However, there are LOTS of them.

I consulted Free Will Astrology today. It says, “There’s a rung missing on your ladder of success. I suppose you could see that as a problem. It means you won’t be able to climb higher by taking two manageable steps, but will be compelled to attempt a giant upward stride. I see this as potentially a good thing, though. The missing rung is exactly the kind of glitch that could activate your dormant reserves of ingenuity. It might even force you to become so smart and resourceful that you’ll ultimately rise to a point you wouldn’t have been able to if your ascent had come more easily.”

Like I said, unsubtle.

So, I hereby launch an all-out assault on the realms of possibility. I’m going to try lots of stuff. Some of it will stick, some won’t. If you’d like to come along, I’ll be posting my efforts.

One of the first is a new blog: A Penny Earned. All about my forays into various random ways to make a penny (or save a penny). It’s brand new, a baby. It’ll be growing and changing. It might have ads on it. I’m not sure yet. If you decide to read it, be sure to let me know what you think!

Don’t worry. This is just the first of many efforts being launched. I told you I’ve been busy… lots and lots of ideas cooking. If I just take away the pressure to Find The One Thing and accept that there are lots of things — another huge roadblock is lifted. Let’s see what happens!

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