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Owl #3 (and a half)

March 9, 2009


This little missy took awhile. I just psyched myself out about her. First, the pink was all wrong. It was bubblegum pink. I wanted cotton-candy pink. So, that had to be all redone. Then I had some trouble with the tree and could not figure out how to do it. So the tree was redone multiple times. Then it just sat. And sat and sat and sat. Until Miss Gray Owl decided she was ready.

And whoooo is there beside her? It’s her little owlet! As you can see, she is very protective of him. I actually started out with just her alone, but then got a strong feeling that she was a mother and her fierce expression was one of protection. So she got her little baby.

There’s also a little bluebird on the lower branch, perhaps welcoming in spring.

Speaking of spring, spring has sprung here in the Bay Area! Remember our fiery orange trees from when we first moved in? Here they are now, in full fluffy blossom. It smells delicious outside; I’m not sure what it is, but everything is blossoming so I’m just assuming it’s some sort of amazing perfume of various fabulous flowers.

In other news: I seem to have gotten bitten by a nasty spider or something. I have a giant open wound on the side of my calf, which then seems to have gotten infected, so I am now on antibiotics (yes, I went to the doctor). It’s disgusting, painful and feels really yucky. It’s kind of disturbing. It happened so quickly — I woke up Saturday (yesterday) with a giant blister on my leg and here it is 7 pm on Sunday and it’s totally infected and horrible. Yuck.

Anyway. On that delightful note, happy Daylight Savings, everyone!

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