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Five Discoveries

March 13, 2009

1. Maybe I just needed to *say* I was taking a break to feel better. Because now, I feel better.

2. I can only write so many blogs. Like, one. Maybe I just need to give this one a little facelift to feel like it can encompass all the stuff I want to write about. I just don’t have the capacity to do more than one! So, the other blog is going away and will be absorbed here. I have an idea for revising this one that may or may not happen. But it will just be one. With no ads. 🙂

3. I can only take in so much information. I like Twitter, but I can’t handle all the tweets some people make. People! How much time DO you have on your hands?? And blogs. I LOVE reading blogs, but after awhile my eyes start to glaze over. I can only read so many. I have been really selective so far and I just have to remain super-selective otherwise I will just have to stop (and I don’t want to stop).

4. I really, really need to keep things simple. I was wondering why I was SO TIRED this week and I realized that, duh! In the past four months I have moved (under less-than-ideal circumstances), set up house, bought all new furniture, gone through the holidays, done more petsitting than humanly possible, started a small freelance design business, started babysitting, started putting serious effort into menu-planning and smart grocery shopping, started a new blog, started doing more art, spent way too much time worrying about the future… hello? All that takes ENERGY. Getting a massive spider bite and infection, and having jury duty — just put me right over the edge. I like to think I am SuperWoman, but alas, clearly I am not. So. Back to the basics and keeping things simple.

5. I would really rather spend my time going out in the world with Terri when she has the energy, than doing ANY of the the above. So I need to make sure that I have plenty of room for that in my life. Spending time with Terri, reading, doing art, cooking — all those simple things that sustain me — are so much more important than keeping up with anything else. This week was a good reminder of this.

So. The leg is slowly healing, and once it’s all better, it’s back to eating healthy and living simply. Spring’s here and I do NOT want to feel like I did this week. Too many of those and it becomes a habit. A bad habit. No thank you!

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