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More Experiments

March 16, 2009

What a busy day I had today! But only the best way. I slept in late (I felt like a truck hit me, and COULD NOT GET UP) but then had plenty of energy all day.

Photos coming tomorrow (or the next day), but I did TWO crafty projects today, as well as a short errand trip with Terri, and a couple phone calls. This is kind of amazing, considering the state I’ve been in all week.

This next experiment doesn’t really fall into the money-saving category since I only buy shampoo and conditioner maybe once a year, but I think I’m going to try the “No-Poo” thing I’ve been reading about on various blogs. I’ve been afraid to try it since my hair is so fine and usually doesn’t respond well to not washing, but I keep reading about how other people with fine hair try this and their hair does really well after a few weeks.

So what is this horrifying experiment of not washing hair? From what I gather, instead of using shampoo, you use a baking soda solution on your roots (every day or every few days) and then an optional apple-cider vinegar rinse as conditioner. This balances the natural oils in your hair and your hair, in turn, becomes lustrous and thick and beautiful and you’ll never want to wash your hair again. So they say.

The ONLY reason I’m willing to try it is because I do the same thing (sort of) with my skin: once I turned 30, it started getting very oily and the more I used ‘oil-free’ skin care, the more oily and breakout-prone it became. So I switched to using jojoba oil on my face and within days my skin balanced and has never been more clear and soft. Will it work with my hair? We’ll see.

So. To start, my hair is very fine, with quite a bit of natural body and wave. It tends to go flat, however. What I’m hoping is that in the end, it will be more wavy and less prone to flyaways. It’s finally long enough that I can reliably put it up for weeks on end if necessary, to get through the possible ‘adjustment’ stage. I’ll give it a month. If it is unbearable, I have no qualms about switching back to shampoo.

However, now that I think about it, I have known quite a few people who didn’t wash their hair with shampoo, and they had lovely, thick, shiny hair. So maybe it’ll work. We’ll find out, won’t we! I’ll keep you posted with weekly updates.

In other news: the leg is finally healing well. It’s still gross, and it’s very itchy now, but it’s looking much better. Thank goodness!

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