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March 25 Library Loot

March 26, 2009

I haven’t participated in this in awhile, and I’ve got some good books right now, so here goes…

The Wood Wife: This is for the Once Upon A Time III Challenge. I’ve just started it but already it’s unexpected and beautiful. It’s a short book so I’m hoping to get through it quickly, because I’ve also got…

The Seance: A “gripping Victorian gothic thriller” that seems to be making the rounds in the blogosphere. I can’t wait to read it. And then, because we all know how much I love a good glut of same-author books, I ALSO got…

The Ghost Writer: also by John Harwood. I do love those gothic ghost stories. I should be saving these for October, shouldn’t I? I should. Oh well.

Then, my turn came up for Drood!! I’m very excited and hopefully will be able to get through these other books before everything is due. Dan Simmons wrote my favorite book of last year, The Terror, so I can’t wait to start this as well. I get so excited and request too many books. Because it’s not enough to have all these fabulous novels, I also got obsessed with…

Handwriting Analysis (Putting It To Work For You): I’ve always been interested in graphology although it probably falls into the category of astrology and palm reading, which I also love. I’ve got this one and Handwriting Analysis, The Complete Basic Book. It’s so fun. I am collecting samples (beware! If you’ve written me a card, or a letter…. just kidding.). I’m also doing my own handwriting. Fascinating. It’s going to be my next talent: analyzing people’s handwriting at parties. (I am really just kidding about that part.)

I got a few other random books that I don’t think I’ll read. I have to make my big Once Upon A Time list and start in, but first I’ve got all these lovely long novels to get through. I can’t wait. I just love being a reader. I know I’m a total geek but you know what I mean? I love getting so excited about books, and realizing that there are so many wonderful books out there, and I will never, ever run out of amazing things to read. It’s very exciting to a bookworm!

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