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That Kind Of A Night

April 15, 2009

It’s that’s kind of a night.

When you buy Safeway’s Tomato Bisque Soup even though it’s overpriced and oversalted (but really yummy).

When you buy a giant loaf of sourdough bread.

And chocolate biscuits.

And come home and stare blankly into space and try to remember what you were going to do next.

And realize that there is nothing — nothing — that you can do, except quit. Just for now. Quit.

(I have this whole theory that sometimes, you just have to quit. Quit for five minutes, quit for the night, quit for a week. Just quit. You don’t even need to figure out when you’re going to start again. Just quit. So that’s what I’m doing.)

So. Back to the chair, the big fuzzy blanket, my brainless book. It’s windy and cold outside, my head is in a fog, and I can’t focus on anything. So. More stuff later.

After a chocolate biscuit. Or two. Or four.

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