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Of Course

May 9, 2009

Just wrote a big long whiny post about how I’m all out of sorts because of nasty ear infection, and then decided that was pretty self-evident and redundant. So let’s start again. The facts: I have another ear infection. Not feeling so hot. Lots to do. Not sure how to manage all these things.

I’m starting with hot tea and a priority list. First up: Take Care Of Self. So at least I’ve got that one right.

Actually, I have nothing much to say except a lot of complaining, so let’s skip that part and head straight to the end. Hopefully we can go to the library today; it looks beautiful outside, and although I like my current book, I need something really compelling for all this babysitting I’ve got lined up this weekend.

(insert more random complaining, which I can’t seem to control this morning)

…aaaaaand, let’s stop here. Clearly I am not up for blogging today.

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