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Needing Something New (edited)

May 21, 2009

3-D movies are not necessarily new, but check out the funky glasses. I miss the red and blue cardboard oldies, because these sucked. Photo by Brother.

I realized something as I was grumping my way through the day today (yes, I have been grumpy in general lately. Wanna make something of it?). I think I need, as Huey Lewis so eloquently put it, A New Drug. Well, maybe just A New Thing (but not necessarily an object). A new craft, a new project, a new focus, a new mindset.

I liked doing my Ugly Bathroom painting because it was a new style. I think I need to do another one, maybe a different size/shape canvas. I’m kind of into those creepy trees. I like trees. So there’s one new project. I could easily do a whole tree series.

I have a lot of sewing to do as well. Maybe this weekend I will get the sewing machine out. There’s a few more new projects. I usually stick to business with sewing: curtains, quilts, mending, the occasional ill-conceived craft project (frogs, anyone?). However, maybe I should try something new. I have an idea for a comfy living-room comforter that I would like to make, but it requires thrift-shop and garage-sale scouring. Which is fine, but not immediate. And also slightly unseasonal. Maybe a skirt. I used to be able to make skirts. Or maybe this sweater, which is more crafty than sewing, but which I love. Or maybe I don’t. Now that I look at it, it’s a bit… much. But maybe it’s still a do-able project. But… not in pink. I’ll keep my eye out for a nice (cheap) cardigan.

Or maybe something multi-media for this one corner of our dining room that needs a really cool (and large) piece of art. I see bad art in cool frames at the thrift store all the time. Maybe I should buy one of them and paint over the bad art. That could be fun.

I keep thinking I will get up 30 minutes early and go for a walk (every time I mention this, Terri starts to laugh uncontrollably… she totally gets the church giggles and can’t stop laughing, which slightly hurts my feelings but is also very funny). Clearly this is not happening, at least not while I’m either sick or drugged by antihistamine. But 30 minutes when I get home, I could do. I keep saying this, but now there is no excuse at all since the weather is turning lovely. (edited to add: I went out after work; so proud of myself! About a mile into it, a bee or wasp got stuck under the arm of my sunglasses near my temple (or in my hair, or something) and stung me a couple times. I ran home and put ice on it, but it’s swelling up and it hurts to even wear my glasses. Um, did NOT need this!!)

Over the weekend I really wanted to read a trashy vampire novel, but had to substitute in a gory serial killer novel (which is kind of the same thing, don’t you think?). Review coming soon, it’s a quick read. Hello, summer reading! Trying to make a new TBR list since clearly my selections have been increasingly random. Having some new books to be excited about would probably also help.

Speaking of increasingly random, this post is getting all wander-y. However. Back to my point. Needing Something New. I’m going to make a point of trying some new things over the next few weeks. New recipes, new art direction, maybe a new craft project, maybe some new music on the Shuffle, and maybe a new haircut. I’ve only had one haircut in the last 11 months and it is getting shaggggggy.

Any other suggestions for New, to get a New Attitude (again with the bad 80s aerobics-class music references… someone help me!)? I need a whole list, I think.

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