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A Little Booktalk

June 15, 2009

So, in a rare burst of poly-literacy (reading more than one book at a time… yes, I just made that word up; shouldn’t there be a word for that?) I’m reading that Maria Tatar Grimm book (still), still sort of halfway half-heartedly reading Dead Till Dawn (the Sookie Stackhouse book), ashamedly tearing through Swallowing Darkness (uber-trashy Laurell K. Hamilton), and looking longingly at The Fox Woman, which I will start *very* soon as I think it will perfectly suit my mood.

I’ll have my review of the trashy Hamilton up soon, because I’m sure I’ll finish it tonight and it’s one of those books that BEGS to be trashed for its trashiness. Even though I love it. I hate to love it, and I love to hate it. However, being in a somewhat shaky state of almost-good mood (but still very prone to falling off the cliff into Bad Mood), I needed something that would completely distract me while not making me think too hard. I’m surprised that I’m not really into the Sookie book. I don’t know why. It’s just not really grabbing me.

However, on with the vampire theme, I bought (yes, actually PURCHASED FULL PRICE) a new book today: Let The Right One In. I very much want to read it and I’m betting that my library doesn’t carry this (and I’m not going to check, because if it does then I’ll be very upset). However, I’m going to save it until I’m either desperate (or in a desperately bad mood), or for October for the RIP challenge. I can’t wait. I’m also reluctantly saving the movie for October as well. I bought it at Dark Carnival, the amazing SF/Fantasy/Horror/Mystery bookstore in Berkeley. The staff is appropriately scruffy and surly, but will help you find what you need (although they might not look you in the eye). I need to go back there with a list of books I want to read which I know for sure my library does not have. They have an amazing selection. I really, really wish I had unlimited funds and time to spend there!

Today is a weird day. Sort of not the best day. Been having a lot of those lately. I’m not really sure what to do to turn this trend around. I’m going to try to read my way out of it. Perhaps paint my way out of it as well? (update: stepping in cat vomit does not help my mood. Also, my painting adventures are scaring me. Please: books, save me!)

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