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Gratitude Friday

June 25, 2009

I am very tired. Let’s just put it this way: when I got to work this morning and tried to sign in, I had to spend several seconds staring at the paper, trying to remember my own name.

However, a few moments spent in gratitude seems like a worthy expenditure. Some recent thankfulness:

1. My dad. No one else can keep me on the phone for forty-five minutes talking exclusively about fish and pole-vaulting. Go Dad!

2. My car. I should be getting the title soon, so I just gave her a thorough cleaning. What good little car she is. I love her.

3. Hot tea. I drink tea almost every day. I’m pretty moderate: two cups in the morning, then herbal tea or water all the rest of the day. Sometimes with an afternoon pick-me-up cup. I might need that one today. Anyway… tea is good. It makes me happy. Right now I’m really into PG Tips.

4. My coworkers. Many examples of wonderful people, but one sweet woman who always loans me great books. This weekend I’m looking forward to Wesley The Owl, about an adopted barn owl. It really looks pretty good and very sweet (she is an animal lover too). She brought it to me in honor of my owls.

5. Valcyte. Oh, Valcyte. You have taken us on a rocky path with many twists and turns. However, at the 5-month marker, finally some improvements are being seen. This is truly cause for celebration and gratefulness. May you work wonders during the next, final month.

This week has been an utter blur, but I’m thankful for many things. This weekend, I’m mostly going to be thankful for my bed.

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