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Grateful Wednesday

August 20, 2009

..because anytime is a good time to be grateful!

I’m grateful that…
1. Terri is finally get a ton of overdue lab tests. You would not believe how difficult it is to get simple tests done once you have a diagnosis of something that no one knows anything about. Interestingly (maybe) the new doc ‘doesn’t believe in CFS’ so is going to test for everything else under the sun. I think this is good, because maybe some other smaller things will come up which are treatable, which will all feed into recovery. This, balanced with her other doctor (for whom we pay out-of-pocket), is a good mix, I think. I hope.
2. For Terri’s increased stamina, which has allowed us to go to some fun events recently and spend time out at the lake (where the photo above was taken). Don’t you love silver hair? I do. She’s had silver hair for years and years. I think it’s gorgeous. Anyway, we’ve been able to do fun things lately and are inspired to go see more live music, so that’s fun. I can’t wait for our next adventure.
3. For my kitty’s continued adorableness. She has a big owie under her leg where the tumor is, but she is still super-snuggly and funny and cute and loving, and still eating and doing all that cat stuff… so I am so grateful for happy time spent with her. She is on my lap right now, halfway on the laptop keyboard! I took her to a new vet last week whom I really liked, so I know that at least she will get very good care as she needs it.
4. For donuts. Do I need to say more?
5. For old friends. It has been so fun to reconnect with people on Facebook. My old best friend from WAY back (who now lives in Florida, who I haven’t talked to in over 15 years), some middle-and-high school friends who have drifted… it’s really fun to be in current conversation with so many of them. Lots of people who I have known literally my whole life. Gotta love small towns.
6. For Buffy DVDs. We are completely hooked (first time for Terri, my second time watching them all). So. Freaking. Good.
7. For all the hidden opportunities and unexpected open doors that happen when I least expect it. I figure as long as I keep stirring stuff up, good stuff is bound to pop up with the bad stuff (at some point…). It’s a good reminder to avoid complacency.
8. For my mom teaching me how to sew. I am not very talented at sewing (nor very patient) but I am having fun doing a few small projects. I made very simple curtains for the living room, and am going to make some pillow covers for throw pillows for the couch. I have a few clothing items that need slight alterations, and I’d really like to make a few other projects. The Longs Drug Store near my house is enormous and has lots of cheap fabric (some as low as $3/yard! And it’s not all ugly!) so I figure why not? It’s fun and I’m not itching to paint at the moment (but I will very soon, I can feel it).
9. For the fact that we moved when we did (from the moldy place). Terri ran into our old neighbor at the doctor’s today, who has her own health issues, and Terri said that she looked *awful*. She lives in the apartment right next to our old one and suspects bad mold in her place, too. In addition, she told a very sad story of a couple who moved into our old place… the woman was pregnant when they moved in. Very close to her due date, she lost the baby. We don’t know why or how… and these things may not be related AT ALL to the mold, but still. I’m super-grateful that we moved when we did.
So, even though bad things do happen to good people (all too often), good things happen too and I’m especially grateful for a lull in the bad things so that I can notice all the things I’m grateful for. Things are good right now. I’m just going to enjoy it.
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