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Thirty-Five (updated)

September 15, 2009

Yep. The big 3-5. What is it about those five-year increments?

Anyway. Not feeling very much like celebrating this year. My little kitty Tiger Lily is very sick and heading downhill quickly. Mostly I just want to sit in ‘our’ chair and snuggle with her and try not to cry and try not to think about the decision we’ll have to make for her pretty soon, much sooner than I want to acknowledge. Not exactly conducive to happy-birthday thoughts.

However, despite that sorrow, am having a good day. Terri made me a fabulous cake, and we might go out to dinner at a nice restaurant just a block away from our house (taking advantage of our great neighborhood).

I have book reviews to post as well, for Sandman and The Godfather, but kitty-snuggling is taking precedence over everything else.

Anyway… if I’m a little quiet over here, that’s why.

Updated to add:
In fact, it was a very happy birthday. Kittycat ate a whole jar of food (feeding her ham babyfood), I got wonderful presents from my sweetie (not to mention an awesome cake), and we went out to dinner. Um, the last time we went out to dinner? Over two years ago. So, it was awesome (even though the place we wanted to go was a bust — on the menu were rabbit and other exotic meats. We are not exotic-meats people. So we went to an old favorite place. And it was lovely). And I bought myself new art supplies and a book. Life is good. Thirty-five is good. And getting a full night’s sleep, even better. Off to bed now.
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