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Book: By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

September 23, 2009

Well, shoot. I didn’t love this as much as I had hoped.

Oh, it was good. Tommy and Tuppence were very charming, and I seem to never tire of tea-and-cake scenes. I liked the mysterious, alluring house by the canal. I liked the small village and the unlikely cast of characters. I liked the surprise ending.

But I didn’t think it was that creepy, as I’ve heard. The bit about the child, and the doll — that *could* have been creepy, but it didn’t really go there. It just wasn’t that sinister, and the ending sort of felt a little too neat-and-tidy to me. And maybe a wee bit silly.

I still like Agatha and can see that these books will become total comfort reads from here on out. I just really enjoy those sort of cozy English novels. I would like to have tea everyday at 4. When I lived in Finland, we had coffee (khavi) every day at 4, and I loved the ritual. I should start my own ritual, even though I’ll be at work.

Anyway… so, it was okay. I liked the English setting and Tommy and Tuppence were kind of adorable. But the mystery was kind of ‘eh,’ and I wanted it to be more of an RIP book, and it wasn’t.

However, next on the stack is The Thirteenth Tale, which I’ve very excited about.

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