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A Day Out (massive photo post)

October 1, 2009
Today we went out for a bit since it was a gorgeous fall day here in Oakland.

First, we went up in the hills for a short walk in one of our favorite regional parks.

Not much for fall foliage yet, pretty dry and dusty, but still pretty.

We stopped on the way down to take some pictures of the view. You can’t really tell here, but this is a view of San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge.

And the San Mateo Bridge (and rest of the bay).
We took the long way home, going through downtown Oakland to get some favorite pasta sauce at a little store we know in Old Oakland. This is the famous Oakland Tribune Tower, reflected on some anonymous downtown office building.

And the newly renovated Fox Theater. They are getting some amazing shows there. I really want to go. Pixies, anyone?
Love this sign…
Oakland has some really wonderful architecture.

And some not-so-wonderful architecture.
And who can pass up a trip to the Glamor Beauty Supply shop?
We stopped at our local store for some garlic bread for tonight’s viewing of The Godfather II.
Me, in full no-makeup glory.
Our bookstore, just two blocks from our house.
The movie theater, also two blocks away.
And requisite adorable ice cream shop.
And finally, home.
And, at long last, some fall foliage.
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