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October 20, 2009

Lately my house has been less than clean. We’ve been slacking on the chores. I give that a big fat “Oh Well”

Lately my painting has been sitting, half-done, on the table. Not sure why I haven’t finished it. I guess I’m waiting to feel like I know what to do with this weird tall shape the canvas is.

Lately I have been in a weird reading mood. I feel like reading biographies. This is completely unlike me. I never read biographies, and I’ve just read three in as many weeks. Weird.

Lately I have been listening to NPR. This is so ABSOLUTELY completely unlike me (me, who hates talk radio of any sort — I just can’t stand the droning). I suspect body-snatching.

Lately I have been cooking more. This feels good. Summer drains me. Fall rejuvenates me.

Lately I have been feeling — dare I say it — optimistic? A few months ago I felt like I had forgotten what that emotion felt like. Now I feel this vague but pleasant sense of hope and faith that things are fine. It’s nice. But perhaps another result of body-snatching.

Lately I have been really wanting a little scooter for commuting. Well, I’ve always wanted one, but lately I’ve been seriously lobbying for one. The Other One In Charge remains unconvinced, but we’re still talking about it.

Lately I have been laughing at this video. My favorite part, “WAS!!” (for best viewing, start it then pause it while it loads)

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