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And Now For Something Completely Different

October 24, 2009
A photo of me and my friend Nicki’s adorable 4-month old son. They came by to see me at work on Friday. I got some much-needed baby-snuggling (and this baby is a champion snuggler, I tell you) and my fingers got chewed on and there was drool and happy grins and giggles. Oh, and he did some of that too. And, well, let’s say that he’s allllll boy when it comes to breasts. He was a happy little guy.

I followed up the baby snuggle-fest with a night of Moroccan lentils and pseudo-Nordic ice cream (yes, Haagen-Dazs, I’m looking at you). Everything felt a little more settled into place.

(I swear my hair does not look like it’s two different shades in person. At least, I hope it doesn’t or my hairdresser has been lying to me)
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