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Goal For Next Year

December 10, 2009

You know me. I’m not big into arbitrary goal-setting. (actually, I’m *totally* into it… I just abandon them all the time and then tell myself not to make them again. And then I do it again.)

However, I have a good one for next year.

Today I had a few extra minutes inbetween rushing all over the place, and I have been having a major craving for udon soup. I was driving through Oakland’s Chinatown and happened to spy a parking spot (a rare occurrence! it’s a very busy neighborhood). So I pulled over, and walked to the nearest store that looked like it might have udon noodles. It didn’t, but it did have everything else, including some terrific huge soup bowls, and pretty little fish-printed soup spoons, and taro-stuffed mochi and those honey-sesame candies. Oh, and a huge pack of chopsticks for $1.39.

Although I didn’t get my noodles (I got them later at my beloved Berkeley Bowl), I had such a good time looking around the shop that I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I taken the time to *really* explore Oakland Chinatown before?” Unlike San Francisco’s Chinatown, Oakland Chinatown is a real, working neighborhood, filled with Asian locals and a huge variety of intriguing shops.

So I think that next year, I’m going to fully explore Oakland Chinatown. I’m going to find “my” Asian grocery store, “my” noodle shop, “my” housewares store. I always want to go get fresh noodles or whatnot, but I have no idea where to go. So, in the spirit of adventure, I’m going to explore every block and every street and just see for myself what’s what.

Actually I started to do this a couple of years ago, but I didn’t continue on my journey. So I’m picking up where I left off. I’ll post photos and report on my finds!
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