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True Story

December 16, 2009

Ok, so this just happened today. True story.

I’m sitting in my boss’s office with her and we’re working on stuff at her computer. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, her computer says (yes, it actually SAYS): “…daphne…” in this little, computer voice.

We both stopped, looked at each other, and then I’m like, “I’m skeered!” We couldn’t figure out where it came from or why her computer would say that. Reasonable explanation is somehow it picked up my name from the document we were working on, and used voice-reading technology, but she says it’s NEVER done that before.

I was laughing, but I was also so freaked out that I almost started crying. It’s my worst nightmare! Inanimate objects coming to life! Saying my name! Aaaahhhh!

We kept working but I was keeping a close eye on her computer. I swear if it said one more word, I was going to go all Office Space on it.

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