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Brittany and Mexico, Close To Home Photo Journey

December 20, 2009
My friend Vanessa invited me to brunch today over in the Mission District in San Francisco. Since the restaurant she wanted to go to is very close to a BART (subway) station, I said yes. I love taking BART and it would make the trip easy and fast.

I drove to the closest station, at Rockridge (North Oakland). This is a nice station with beautiful views of the Oakland hills from the platform.

I forget how truly beautiful these hills are, especially on a chilly winter morning.
I had already taken a brisk walk in those hills this morning (in my beloved local cemetery) and so I was really hungry. But first, a very homey cup of cafe au lait. I really like this photo.

The restaurant, Ti Couz, is a creperie. But not just any creperie; they do authentic Brittany-style buckwheat crepes. Large and thin and filled with amazing savory or sweet goodness, they are amazing and I wish I had another one right now. I had a mushroom-and-cheese crepe. It had this very delicious sauce on top and I could barely talk, I was so busy eating. Yum.

After a really fun visit and being completely stuffed (too stuffed for Nutella-and-banana crepe, dang!), it was time to stroll back to BART. The Mission district in San Francisco has a strong Hispanic/Mexican history, and is colorful and full of great restaurants, thrifting, little produce stands and tons of hipster bars. It’s a fun place to wander around.

Showing colors of one kind (hooray, rainbow flag!):

And of another. I loved this pretty buildings and awnings against the blue sky.

Then it was down to the subway again. I was struck by the colorful, busy street and the quiet dark passageway down to the tunnels.

Standing around waiting for the train.
And then home again, to our house and our Christmas tree. (maybe pics of the tree in daylight, tomorrow)
It was a perfect local adventure. I really wish I had another crepe right now. I wonder if I can learn to make those. It was amazing.

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