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A Serious Reading Slump

December 21, 2009

I have been in a seriously bad reading slump since around November. I’m not sure why. All of a sudden I ran out of books that demanded immediate reading (either because of due dates or irresistibleness), and I had a lot of magazines to catch up on, and I’ve just been an odd mood in terms of book-interest.

I’ve also been falling out of the habit of reading blogs other than my usual few favorites — I just feel overwhelmed by information lately. I can’t take too much online browsing or reading, and I’m having a hard time getting into any books. This happened last year too, but I had the Move From Hell to blame for it. This year I’m not sure what my problem is.

I think this year has felt “off” for reading all year anyway. I’ve read quite a few good books, but only a handful of real winners. I think I’ve been doing less random browsing at the library and more book-blogger-recommended reading, which is great because everyone has such terrific recommendations, but I think I fell out of the rhythms of my own reading muse. You know how that is?

I can’t wait for the year-end Reading Roundup because I’ll be able to take a measure of all the books of the year and see if it was as ho-hum as I’m thinking, or if I’m just being influenced by my current book-blahs.

But, I find the new year to be totally inspiring in terms of reading, so I’m sure I’ll come out of this slump after Christmas. Right now I am completely distracted with making gifts, baking, work stuff, and planning a few non-reading projects.

I’ve been told to read The Song Is You, and I’d like to read some more Sandman, and I have Wintergirls sitting here too. I’m reading Hell House by Richard Matheson and it’s pretty good as far as haunted house stories go… it totally reminds me of The Haunting of Hill House. As long as my boss’s computer keeps its mouth shut, I should be able to enjoy it fairly well and then move on to some other stuff.

Maybe I need to switch gears. Read some more non-fiction. Report on The London Review of Books (which is fascinating and always a good read). Etc.

But right now, I’m deciding which cookie to make tomorrow and planning my sewing projects, and thinking about a Christmas dinner menu. You know, important stuff.

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