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that kind of a (week?)

January 22, 2010

If you are a Neil Gaiman fan, then perhaps you read his journal or follow him on Twitter. And if you do, then you know that he has a very very sweet blind kitty. Who is now very very sick. I read about this last night and it has been breaking my heart ever since. I know that kitties get sick all the time (and it’s awful every single time) but this little one reminds me of my Little and when kitties have that certain sweet look, I tear up and am full of misery and loss all over again.

However, a very sweet story about Gaiman’s little girl here, and a picture of the darling, here. Send some good thoughts to little Zoe if you can. (stopping now, before I start crying again)


Some bad/good things:

Thankfully my leg (she of the recent staph infection) is healing, but this morning I woke up with my eyes completely puffed over. Apparently I am allergic to my new eyeshadow. Three hours of tea bags and one Claritin later, I could see well enough to drive to work. Benadryl for me tonight!

The house has been at around 50 degrees all week (inside the house), which is insane; however, we made the thrilling discovery last night that the bedroom can handle a higher-powered space heater without shorting out the entire house (which usually happens in other rooms, which is one reason why the house is 50 degrees). So tonight we will be going to Sears to purchase the best goddamned space heater they have. And maybe a programmable oil radiator for the rest of the house, to take the chill off. If it won’t burst all the fuses. Or burst into flames. Either of those options are not good.

Other assorted goodness/badness:

Terri’s car won’t start.
I’m loving The Bourne Identity (book). Mindless fun.
Terri has discovered she makes a mean split pea soup in the slow cooker.
Terri found a good GI doc.
I’m going to a first-time homebuyers seminar tomorrow. W00t!
Apparently I am in full-on PMS mode.
It’s been raining buckets, which is lovely, but makes our house even colder.
Yippee! Come on over to our house this weekend. Hopefully we’ll have some heat, and I’ll make popcorn and we can forget about the world.
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