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Mushroom Trophies (1,000th post!)

January 28, 2010
Happy 1000th post to me! Hard to believe. That’s a lot of posts.
My poor brother’s birthday is three days after Christmas, so that means that he usually loses out on the birthday presents. But not this year! (actually, last year, I guess…)
He has said in the past that he wants to start collecting “sister art” (meaning, art made by me… altogether now, “Awww!”). So every once in awhile I remember this and make him something. This year he had a great idea: you know how hunters mount their trophies? Antlers and such? Well, Matt is a mushroom hunter, so he thought it would be cool to have “mushroom trophies.” I took this idea and ran with it!

Yes, sculpted mushrooms, in three varieties: morel, chanterelle, and porcini…

mounted on trophy boards, of course. (these were plain pine, but I stained them to look like walnut or some other dark wood).

They turned out so awesome. I love these. Here are the morels:

And the chanterelles:
The underside of the chanterelles:

And the porcini:
I used Super Sculpey and it was so easy to use! I love this stuff now. I sculpted the mushrooms, and then cured them in the oven. Then, it was easy to paint them with acrylics. I used epoxy glue to mount them (I had to stain the epoxy with paint first, so it wouldn’t show… apparently it dries in a cream color). Anyway, these are kitschy and fun and perfect for Matt. He loved them and that’s what matters most!

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