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Some Updates

February 8, 2010

It’s been a little quiet over here lately so I thought I would post a few updates.

* I’ve been incredibly busy with freelance work/jobs, which is great, but keeps me, well, busy. And then when I’m not busy, I’m really tired and needing to just veg. Also it’s been cold and rainy, which I like, but not exactly beckoning me out to hike or whatever. So mostly, I’ve been working or doing not much at all.

* I’ve also been doing a low-key wheat-and-dairy-free thing for the past 2-3 weeks (seems like FOREVER). It’s mostly for my tummy and energy levels, to see if it makes a difference. I think it *has,* because I feel less sleepy during the day (well, sometimes) and my stomach is happier. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m happier. Dang, I didn’t realize how much I rely on both wheat and dairy. Cutting out one (either) isn’t so hard, but both at the same time is really difficult. I’ve been craving a burrito… it’s not so hard to have a dairy-free burrito, but a wheat-free tortilla is a step further. Or a sandwich… but do I really want to spend $6 on a gluten-free loaf, just so I can have a sandwich (which wouldn’t have any cheese, so what’s the point) or a piece of toast? Sigh. Actually this wouldn’t so bad except that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really been planning very well, so mostly I’m running around with that sort of hungry-sick feeling and not able to think very clearly about what I could be eating. I had veggie Pad Thai last night, and that was good, and today I had some guacamole (for Super Bowl viewing, not that I watched the game)… but since I’m the only one eating much in the house right now, it’s hard to plan meals. And planning wheat-and-dairy-free meals (for one person) is taking a little more gumption than I seem to have at the moment.

* The reason why I’m the only one eating much in the house is because Terri had her endoscopy last Monday to see what’s going on with her tummy. She’s been having bad stomach pains since November, and has lost a ton of weight because she can’t find anything to eat that doesn’t hurt her stomach. So anyway, had the endoscopy, and looks like at least some gastritis. We’ll get more information this week. Since Monday, she has been in a terrible crash and hasn’t been able to leave the house (or barely get out of bed). Has had awful digestive issues and pains, and hasn’t been able to eat much other than Gatorade, a little bit of rice, bananas, maybe some applesauce, and… yeah, that’s about it. So she’s literally not eating very much at all, so between sort of trying to help her figure out what to eat (or not), and having to puzzle out wheat/dairy-free eating for me, and being so busy… yeah. Not really thinking too clearly, and not doing very much meal-planning.

* In other news, I hope to hear from the home-buyer agency this week about what’s the next steps for figuring out house-buying stuff. I’m very excited about this, even if they say we need to wait a little longer (for whatever reason). Just putting the wheels in motion is so excellent. I can’t even think about moving (and leaving our wonderful neighborhood, wah!!). But looking at houses? Sounds like fun.

So, that’s about it. I’ve been trying to read my book club book (Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro), but wow, I am pretty overwhelmed and all I can seem to manage to read are some Smithsonian magazine articles. Or, if I’m being totally honest, flipping through Better Homes and Gardens…

I’m hoping that after this week, I will feel a little more myself. I’ll have a bunch of projects wrapped up, and will find some time to plan decent menus for myself, and we’ll know what to do for Terri’s tummy… but in the meantime, I’m a little overwhelmed, and really hungry. I really want a piece of Brie, a brownie, and a big toasted cheese sandwich. Sigh.
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