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A Sartorial Tale

February 11, 2010

I got a really nice, long, straight, brown skirt at the thrift shop over the weekend. I thought it needed boots.

I also found a few tops that I thought would look good with skinny jeans.

I didn’t have boots or skinny jeans. However, boots + skinny jeans would be great, right?

So I looked online, found some great brown boots for a good price, and ordered them.

They came today; they looked pretty good when I tried them on at work. At least I *thought* so.

I went out after work and tried on 10 or 12 pairs of skinny jeans before FINALLY finding a pair. They’re black. My boots are brown. First problem.

I got home and showed Terri the jeans. She loved them. Then I tried them on with the boots. She did not love that. Then I tried on the jeans with flats. Two thumbs up.

Boots with any other combination got a solid thumbs down. In fact, the boots themselves got a thumbs down. Second problem.

But then, I found a pair of brown boots in my closet, behind the clothes (I have a very small closet).

And a pair of black boots.

Oh. So maybe I have no problem?

The moral of this story is: shopping is hard. And trying on skinny jeans is not for the faint of heart. And maybe I’m not cut out for skinny jeans plus boots.

But now I have cute skinny jeans. And the boots are going back.

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