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A short update

February 14, 2010

Sorry for the radio silence… been awfully busy lately.

However, we did our first official drive-by yesterday! That was fun. And informative. There were some beautiful 3-bedroom lofts in Oakland that had recently been reduced by $50,000 (!!) so we drove by to see what they were like.

The lofts themselves looked very modern/industrial/arty from the outside, which I like in theory, but I think we are more Craftsman-cottage type people. (we didn’t go inside) Anyway, the downside was the presence of several, let us say, houses of ill-repute, scattered all up and down the street. In Oakland parlance: crack houses.

Hence the rapid $50k price reduction (I am guessing)
Still, it was fun to take Step One on this journey and to see what’s out there. I drove by another cute house today and although the street was very cramped and the neighborhood on the ‘transitional’ side, the house was freaking ADORABLE. So this gives me hope.

Reading Never Let Me Go, and having a difficult time stopping. So good. Reminds me of The Handmaid’s Tale… more about that once I finish it.

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