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Watch Out, Oakland!

March 12, 2010

We are now the proud owners of a 1999 Police Interceptor! “Big Boy” joins my little Corolla in our little auto family.

What a kick.

We drove the big guy around this afternoon, and it is an experience driving around an ex-cop-car. People either stared and got out of our way, or smiled and waved (or, apparently yelling obscenities. Interesting). Terri was grinning ear to ear as she waved back. What a hoot!

Her little Honda finally went kaput, so it was time for an upgrade. She doesn’t drive a whole lot so she decided to just get whatever she wanted, as long as it was reliable and fit the budget. This is both, and also fulfills (just a wee bit) her fantasy of being a cop. I swear, I haven’t seen her that happy in months. She was having the time of her life driving it around.

I think I see some mirrored aviator glasses in her future.

What a relief. I hate car stuff. This car is super safe, very fast, and fun to drive. It still has that big grate on the front, so I’m not going to worry about bumping into *anything*. We were just so tickled as we cruised around. Hee!

(GIANT thank-you to Shea, for driving down to Fremont with me to get the car!! Diet Pepsi six-pack is on me!)
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