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Driving With Buddy (The Big Boy)

March 15, 2010
It was a stunningly beautiful day today: mid-60s, sunny, blue skies. Buddy was practically begging to go out for a cruise, so we took him out for a spin.

He wanted to by and see some of his friends at the security office…
Then of course he wanted to see the construction happening a few blocks away. He’s such a boy.
Here is a picture of his dash. You know, just because. That’s the trunk-pop button in the middle there. Um, and the stereo. And it was actually 3:30… I hadn’t figured out how to set the clock yet (but I figured it out later)
Terri drove for awhile, and then I drove while she took pictures (including all of the ones above). We drove around town and then up into the hills to Lake Temescal for a little sitting in the sun by the water.
Now we’re home. I was craving something savory and hearty for dinner, so I pulled out an old favorite cookbook, The Supper Book, by Marion Cunningham. I have this one and The Breakfast Book and they are both just about the coziest cookbooks ever invented. If you see them in a thrift store or book sale, grab them.

I made garlic rolls and this pasta-mushroom-brown butter thing, both of which were simple and flavorful and amazing. I also made this very easy coconut pudding/custard thing. You make it in the blender and then pour it into dishes and bake. Couldn’t be easier. And, delicious.

Such a nice day today. I started it by sitting out on the porch in the sun, having a nice little cup of coffee and reading the London Review of Books, and cracking up over the ads in the back (which is another post). A great way to start the day.

We were incredibly grateful that Terri was feeling a bit better and was able to get out for a drive. It’s been a rough winter for her. It’s pretty obvious that the cold is detrimental to her; if we have to stay here another winter, we will be doing serious winterizing. Which is crazy, because this is California… but she can’t take 50-degree rooms for months on end. But hopefully next winter we’ll be in our cozy new house somewhere. ?? We’ll see. We love it here (aside from the cold) but of course we’d love our own house.

Anyway. A nice day, and Buddy continues to be a fantastic car for us. Come on by and we’ll take you for a spin. Everyone waves and checks him out (Terri LOVES this aspect). It’s pretty fun.

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