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Day Seven

April 24, 2010

And on the seventh day, she rested.

Well, not really. On the seventh day, she could have slept all day, but instead got up for a 3 mile walk, then boogied out the door in a hurry to meet a friend + baby to help friend shop for adorable outfit (soooooo cute!) (for friend, not for baby) . Did a wee bit of shopping for self and for a few household items (love the Alameda shopping center these days).

Came home and did a little bit of housework. Found out the washing machine is broken. Did a crummy job of vacuuming (didn’t feel like it, but the large black furry cat has been shedding ALL OVER so it had to be done, even if sort of haphazardly). Made grocery list.

Was going to go to the grocery store but started to not feel well. Ate some barley-lentil stew… and now am REALLY not feeling well. Soooo tired, some queasy-yucky happening, slight headache. So, am now resting again. Another movie and some books. Some peppermint tea. I think yesterday was stressful, and I’m still recovering from a week’s worth of intense period symptoms. Plus I had a diet root beer and too much sugar before eating anything real. I swear, my body simply cannot take a junk food diet. Which is good, although frustrating when I veer off the path just a little…

I’ve refrained from doing too much deep thinking this week. Frankly, although I have done a few things, mostly I’ve just been resting this week. So what this tells me is that I’ve reached my limit. I’ve been helping too many other people and not enough help for myself (although I swear that I try to take really good care of myself usually…) With that, a few small shifts over the next few weeks:

  • I think I’m going to have a green smoothie in the mornings before work. Some fruit, some protein powder, some spinach or kale.
  • More salad/veggies. I have a hard time remembering to make salad to bring for lunch, but it’s pretty easy to assemble a lettuce-tomato-avocado-canned-bean salad at work. I’ll try to eat these most days, I think. More veggies in general. I’ve been falling into the pattern of either not eating lunch or just eating whatever I happen to have on-hand, usually a granola bar or something equally meh.
  • Again with the getting to bed early. Lights out by 10. This is really hard for me. I’m used to an 11 pm bedtime.
  • On that note, planning my outfit the night before, so I feel a little better about how I look.

In general, just eating better and resting more, with a bit more sleep. That should do it, I think.

I haven’t done any art, and I haven’t pushed myself at all. I think I just needed a week to totally veg. Mission accomplished!

And now… back to it! Ken Burns documentaries, finishing Jeeves and starting Tao of Pooh, no more root beer.

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  1. April 24, 2010 5:50 pm

    This picture is better than the 1st one you posted. But, then, you always photograph wonderfully, unlike your mother. Thank goodness for that!!!

  2. April 24, 2010 8:10 pm

    Um, thanks? And I don’t photograph well… I just lucked out with these! (and you silly, you photograph better than me!)

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