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what i did today

September 25, 2010

Fixed the bird feeder (which, as expected, had fallen down from chunky squirrels stealing seeds).

Cleared years of brushy undergrowth from the jasmine on the front walk, and discovered that I was not going to be able to trim the ugly juniper without a power hedge trimmer (as you can see by the jagged chunk chopped into it) (mostly we’d like to just take it out).

Got two giant blisters on my fingers from using new pruners and shears.

Put up a laundry line. Wow, does fresh laundry off the line smell amazing (taken at the end of the day, after the sun had moved on).


  • Mowed the lawn. Man I love my little push mower.
  • Chopped away the ice plant threatening to take over the sidewalk in front of our house.
  • Pruned off the suckers that were climbing up the orange tree.
  • Considered where to put chicken coop (maybe in the spring?).
  • Did some laundry (and hung it up: see photo)
  • Some other things which I can’t remember.
  • And, yes, sat in the warm afternoon light and read my book and had a cool drink and watched the squirrels figure out how to get into the renovated birdfeeder.

In other words, had a completely contended and happy day.

Some other adorableness from the last week:

Katie the senior girl, taking a little tour.

Note the gremlin at the end of the hall laying in wait.

And finally, because it is HOT here right now (should get up to 103 on Monday! Sheesh!), a photo from a few weeks ago before we moved, that cracks me up every time. (this is the gremlin, AKA Cleo the cat)

Glad I got all this work done today so for the rest of the weekend it’s lounge chairs and iced tea! We didn’t get a summer at all so even though this sort of weather would normally make me cranky in autumn, it feels pretty good. Plus we get to enjoy our yard a bit more before it cools off.

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  1. September 25, 2010 8:17 pm

    Want to come work on our yard?

    It isn’t bad…but not what we want long-term. I’m making a plan for spring now…

    Enjoy those lounge chairs and ice tea. Sounds fan-tas-tic.

    • September 25, 2010 8:19 pm

      Well, you know, I *would*, but I have these massive blisters on my fingers…

  2. September 26, 2010 4:44 am

    I’m actually looking forward to winter so I can give all the outside work a break. I’ve been clipping back all the summer blooms and yanking out the dead from the gardens for what seems like weeks now. It sounds like you’re just warming up to all this maintenance. Enjoy.

    • September 28, 2010 9:05 am

      I think I have some catching up to do — my impression is that the owners gave up maintenance once they figured out they were selling. Not to terribly much, but definitely having to catch up!

  3. September 26, 2010 7:51 am

    wow you had a busy day! i must say im a wee bit jealous of your clothesline. 😉

    i love all these pictures. its nice to see a bigger glimpse of the life you and terri have.

    • September 28, 2010 9:06 am

      Thanks! The clothes line needs to adjustment. I had to hang the middle part from a tree branch (you can sort of see in the photo)

  4. jmjbookblog permalink
    September 26, 2010 11:53 am

    Loved reading your blog today…brought back memories. My parents had chickens when I was young. I remember when I had to go in and get the eggs from the nests…the chickens would be sitting on them and I had to reach in and get them. All of them were docile but there was one who didn’t want to surrender her eggs and she’d always try to peck me! lol I also remember getting chased by the one rooster onto the picnic table! I’ve used a gas mower and a push mower but my last home had a small yard and I used to cut the whole thing with a weed wacker. 🙂 I hope you get to sit back today and enjoy all the work you accomplished.

    • September 28, 2010 9:06 am

      I grew up with chickens too — we never had docile ones but for some reason I’m not scared of them. Still, hoping for chickens that can double as pets. So cute.

  5. September 27, 2010 8:54 am

    I hung my laundry out this weekend too! It will probably be one of the last times since it is only in the 60s these days and even if it is sunny it takes forever for stuff to dry. The photo of Cleo makes me want to rub her tummy!

    • September 28, 2010 9:07 am

      She is so fluffy!! And, apparently, shameless. I’m hoping to get in a few more batches hung out before it gets too cold/wet. It’s still in the high 90s through this week, but I have no more laundry to be done. Well, that won’t last…

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