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January 29, 2011

Wow, I have been so inconsistent on here lately. What have I been up to?

  • Getting my technological difficulties fixed (so far, so good). Thanks, IT dept at work. The week ended with me actually able to DO WORK. Amazing.
  • Desperately trying to finish The Moonstone. It’s due tomorrow! Ack! It’s extremely entertaining in a Victorian-sensationalist-novel sort of way. I might even have to read Woman In White later this year. I’m a Wilkie fan now.
  • Speaking of Wilkie, I’m almost done listening to Drood, too. I’ve been listening to it for so long, I don’t really know what I will do without poor deranged Wilkie talking to me on the morning drive.
  • Getting ready for my trip to Oregon next week. This weekend is lots of shopping and chores to make sure everything is all set here at home, and then I’m off to Oregon to spend the week with family and friends. Terri will hold down the fort and keep Thomas from pestering the poor little old lady cats too much.
  • I’m going to be spending a night with Tammie — woohoo! I can’t wait. We’re all going bowling on Monday night. Hoping to see lots of old and new friends.
  • Other than that, I don’t know. Work sucked up a bunch of time this week. I need a vacation.

Today I got a ton done. A few observations:

  • The Whole Foods in San Ramon is a crazy-ass place. Wow, I kind of hated it. But I needed millet flour to make gluten-free cinnamon bread! Mm.. photos if I remember before it is all eaten up.
  • However, the Ross and Marshalls I went to were awesome. Two sweaters, two pairs of jeans, a pair of my favorite bamboo yoga pants, and a gorgeous eggplant-purple baking dish.
  • Also? CostCo on a Saturday morning is insanity.
  • It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. We’ve had a few weeks of sun and it’s been lovely, but I’m ready for some rain. It should be fairly sunny and cold up in Oregon, so I’ll be glad to have a day of rain here tomorrow.
  • I’m starting a new owl painting, but right now it sucks. I’ll show some pictures later as it gets better. I should document the process.

That’s about it. Now, for pizza (finally found a great gf recipe for pizza crust), more Wilkie, and torturing my cat. I mean, giving her some fluids (poor thing, she hates it). I will try to post from Oregon, I’m sure I’ll have interesting photos and stories. Last year this time, my brother and I went skiing at Mt. Hood (these videos are freaking hilarious of my brother and me). No skiing this time, but awesome bowling and lots of time with good friends.

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  1. January 30, 2011 4:03 am

    I wish I were still in Oregon so I could come bowling! Have a great trip!

  2. January 30, 2011 9:38 am

    I wish you were too!!

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