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weekend plans

April 15, 2011

Huh? How’d it get to be time to plan the weekend?

  • First, I need to finish the garden project. Build box, buy dirt, spread dirt, buy plants, water everything. Watch it grow. Something like that.
  • Rest. A lot. I am worn out (again). Little Katie is adorable, but she has decided to meow incessantly (and very cutely) whenever she needs something. At any hour of the night. I’m so happy to help her, but I’m starting to feel a little sleep-deprived. I probably won’t rest as much as I should. But I should. (I should also add here that Terri is spending MOST of her time taking care of Katie; I try to play catch-up when I get home from work to get my Katie-time in.)
  • Life maintenance: grocery shopping. A bit of housecleaning. Putting away laundry. Everything is falling behind. Oh well. We eat (in theory), sleep (badly) and the house doesn’t stink (much). So we’re good, right?
  • Get a freaking haircut. I don’t think I’ve had a haircut since October. I hate going to the salon but it has to be done since I haven’t figured out a way to cut my own hair (and still look presentable, that is).
Yeah. And a bunch of other stuff. I don’t know. Everything is being overshadowed by spending time with Katie, who is hanging in there but getting weaker every day. This kitty has an incredible will to live. She is being powered by love, I think. Both giving and receiving.
I had a dream last night that our house was haunted. We suspected it was haunted, but then a series of things happened (in the dream) which confirmed that it was haunted by the previous owner (which we sort of halfway suspect in our real house). The previous owner wanted us to continue some projects, like this (fictional) basement which needed a lot of work, and “we have to do something about the lawn.” (??) I was scared in the dream, because I am scared of ghosts, but once we figured out that it was just the previous owner and they just wanted us to continue doing some work on the house, then it was okay.
I have no idea what that means. But I found it sort of amusing/scary.
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  1. April 17, 2011 7:57 pm

    your dream is completely bizarre.

    last night i dreamt that i was trying to teach monty how to make french toast and he kept insisting on adding american cheese to it. i had to keep throwing the mixture away and then when my back was turned he’d do it again. no idea what that is all about.

    i hope the hair salon was not too traumatic. i WISH WISH WISH i could cut my own hair. although im fairly happy with the buzz that jay gave me. it’s funny because now that its had a few weeks to grow in, its pretty much my usual hair cut.

    (also, i started Just Kids yesterday and am loving it. its the perfect memoir-interesting and easy to read.)

    • April 17, 2011 8:09 pm

      Mmm. French toast with American cheese. Is it weird that that doesn’t sound completely horrible to me right now? Maybe I’m thinking cream cheese.

      I actually like my hair, although getting it cut was a NIGHTMARE. I was at the salon for almost 2.5 hours. For a HAIRCUT. No color. WTF? I like the girl who did my hair, but she was late, and then took forever fussing with it. Next time I’m going to tell her: no need to fuss with it. Just cut it. Dammit.

      Oh yay, you’re going to love Just Kids. Tell me what you think about it!

  2. April 18, 2011 7:52 am

    Hope you got some rest over the weekend. Creepy dream. Did the previous owner of your house die there or something?

    • April 18, 2011 10:22 am

      No, but he lived here for something like 50 years, so he could very well still be here somehow.

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