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some thoughts on recent books and otherwise

September 30, 2011

Chelsea, with her mouth full of illicit tomato. “Tomato? What tomato? I don’t see any tomato. Mmmph.”Seriously, what a week. Let’s just say that due to a grand conjunction of too much to do, some worry and stress, and PMS, it’s been a crummy week. But not totally crummy, just work-crummy and personally-tired crummy. Terri and the furry kids are all wonderful. That Chelsea is so funny. Her personality is starting to come out and it’s totally adorable. She is very silly.

The week was not helped by my inadvertent selection of a (gasp!) romance novel as my most recent commute-audiobook. I should have known, but I was seduced by the description of Victorian London, mesmerists and crystal-workers, a secret stone stolen, a midnight murderer, and promises of a dark adventure. Echoes of The Moonstone! Drood! However, I should have paid more attention to the fact that the mesmerist in question was a handsome man, and the crystal-worker in question was a lovely, lonely, troubled young woman. You can imagine what happens when two people of such powers meet! Sparks fly, indeed. Sigh. Anyway,it’s not too terrible; I have  a feeling that if I were reading the paper copy, I probably wouldn’t have made it as far as I have, but since it’s an audiobook and the reader is actually quite good, I’m sort of enjoying it. It’s vaguely RIP-related so I’m looking at it that way.

I did however stop by the Oakland Main Library (o favorite library) and got some other audiobooks, including Sweeney Todd read by actors (the original penny dreadful, which sounds awesome), and some Edgar Allan Poe. So I should be set for October. I also have a YA audiobook, something about witches… we shall see.

BUT, the awesome thing was that there is this book by Anne Rivers Siddons that I keep hearing good things about, The House Next Door, which sounds pretty terrific. (that is a terrible sentence, I just have to say, but I’m leaving it) Anyway, I looked it up online and it was available at the Oakland Main Library, but it was in “deep storage.” Ooh! Deep storage! What is THAT all about?! So I went to the library and asked them for it, and they had to send a page down into the basement to get it. You guys: a whole basement full of book overflow. Who knew? I mean, I’m sure it’s mostly just crappy paperbacks and really bad books from the 60s and 70s, but something about a whole basement full of out-of-style books just catches my fancy. I’m all about crappy 70s books. I want to accompany the page next time and see what’s down there.

So that made me happy.

The other thing that is making me happy is that we’ve decided to get Terri a little mobility scooter for her birthday (which is next week). Which is fun because, hello, scooter! With a little basket! Some of them are very cute nowadays. Anyway, we are going to get her a scooter so she can come for the evening walk with me and Chelsea, and we can all go on walks in the park on paved trails and stuff. That would be pretty amazing. So that’s also making me happy. I am having fantasies of the three of us strolling (and rolling) through the neighborhood.

So a few happy things to mitigate an otherwise fairly crappy week. The other happy thing is that I don’t have to go anywhere this weekend, so lots of little things can get done, and I can do some reading and some resting. And plant the winter garden! Yes! And some freesia, and maybe pull some weeds or something. It might rain on Sunday, in which case I would like to spend a couple of hours in the art room…

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  1. September 30, 2011 9:00 pm

    ha ha ha…sorry about your romance selection. oh well. you win some you lose some.

    it always cracks me up when you self commentate during a blog post (“that is a terrible sentence”, etc…) it gives me a chuckle.

    book overflow sounds awesome. i want to get locked down there.

    and a scooter! why didnt we think of this sooner? what a great idea.

    • October 1, 2011 10:31 am

      It’s my inner editor coming out. I can’t help it! And yet, I can’t be bothered to fix it. Lazy self-editor.

      I know! Scooter! I am going to have to post some pictures of the contenders. We will probably just get a generic easy-to-take-apart one to start, but later on, when we know what she really wants/needs, there some quite cute sporty versions. I might post one today. Because who knew?

  2. October 3, 2011 9:35 am

    I love when you read bad books because you make such fun snarky comments about them. That deep storage sounds like fun, so mysterious like you could get lost in it. Cool about the scooter for Terri!

    • October 5, 2011 7:21 am

      Then you’ll love my review of The Third Circle, coming up soon…

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