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Making The Most Of A Nice Day

August 22, 2009

As Mr. Kitty out here demonstrates (he loves our back porch), summer is a perfect time for getting some rest. To that end, we are heading out again to look for blackout curtains. Terri is having a terrible time sleeping and our bedroom is pretty light at night… so off we go. We got some a few weeks ago but they were UGLY. This time we are going for the very simple IKEA version. Light gray, simple, cheap. Let’s hope they work.

Since they’ll have to be hemmed, that’s a perfect time to finish my pillow covers. I washed the fabric and now I just need to stitch them up. I’m kind of excited about this. The world of slipcovered pillows is opening up to me…

I also went to the library today to pick up some books. I got The Godfather… I didn’t even know it was a novel? What kind of a bibliophile am I?? So. We’ll see. I’m still on the search for The Book. The Book Of The Year. Last year it was The Terror. This year…. still searching. I also got my book club book, Madapple (local author), and East of Eden. Because it’s about time for a dose of Steinbeck. I’m reading (quickly) the classic Feel The Fear… And Do It Anyway, which I found on our shelves last night as I was desperately searching for something to read. I was very… AFRAID… of not having any books!! So, this little self-help classic is actually kind of awesome. I’ll post a review and I might even do the One-Month Challenge described in the book. Why not?

What else was I going to do today? Oh yes… clean the bedroom, and grocery shop. We have been eating a TON of fruit and I swear it’s helping me feel better. Terri is not so sure it is helping her, but I’m feeling pretty good lately so we’re going to keep it up. Since Berkeley Bowl is so awesome, it’s just a *little* bit more expensive to eat so much fruit, but since we also cut WAY down on dairy (I’ve stopped eating it altogether except for a tiny bit of cheese now and again, and Terri is cutting down dramatically), the cost might actually average out. I’ve been having fruit for breakfast and a Greek salad for lunch all week, then our usual healthy dinner. It’s been pretty great.

OK. Off to IKEA for curtains, then back for crafting and cleaning. Gotta get that girl to SLEEP tonight!! I’ll post some pictures of the finished projects…

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