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April 29, 2010
  • Add to list of random-but-important accomplishments: I successfully cut Terri’s hair tonight! This is a MAJOR accomplishment because while her hair is gorgeous, it is super-duper-ultra-thick and almost wiry, and wavy. She likes it cut very short, and this hair has reduced quite a few local hairdressers to tears. Well, maybe not tears, but very frustrated sighs as they realize that this haircut is not going to be easy, and we end up with crappy haircut. The last time I tried to trim her hair was a disaster. I didn’t study enough beforehand and it just turned out bad, and I sort of gave up midway (very much like the other hairdressers). This time, I watched a lot of YouTube videos and read plenty of guides, and took my time. It’s not quite as sassy as when her favorite person does her hair, but it’s better than many of the other cuts, and this is only my second time cutting her hair! I’m really quite pleased and am preening my feathers over this. I used to cut friends’ hair in high school, and I used to cut my brother’s hair, but that’s totally different than a cute adult haircut. So… yay me! Next up: investing in some really good scissors. Terri’s hair almost defeated the ones we have now. It was like trying to cut leather at times.
  • My neck has been out since Monday. It’s better, but still super stiff and not right. It hasn’t been right since the last time I was rearended, last summer. Time for another adjustment. I keep doing the exercises the physical therapist taught me, but they’re only making it more sore right now.
  • Friday we go to the city again for another test for Terri. Hooray for Buddy! This test could take hours, so loading up with books and snacks.
  • I finished Tao of Pooh and it was much better and less grumpy than Te of Piglet. Review this weekend. I’m almost out of books: time to go back to the library! I have no idea what to read this time. I have The Little Stranger on request but there’s quite a wait for that yet.

Hmm. I had other things to write about but now have completely forgotten. Anyway… am quite pleased with myself about the haircut. Our hair person is only a few blocks away and is totally reasonably priced, but it’s exhausting for Terri to sit in the chair and have to make conversation, etc., and she’s not always up for it. So it would be a major convenience if I could give her a trim at home whenever she needed one, and then she could get it professionally done when she felt up for it. I absolutely love it when I figure out how to do something myself, especially something like this, which I always assumed required at least a basic haircutting course. Hooray for the internet and YouTube!

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  1. April 30, 2010 6:22 am

    Yay! Good job on the haircut. James and I have been cutting each other’s hair for years. You will become an expert at Terri’s hair pretty quickly. Sorry your neck still isn’t feeling good. You need a chiropractic adjustment and a restful weekend. Hope the test goes well today!

  2. May 1, 2010 10:58 pm

    you did a great job on her hair, im so impressed.

    did you use thinning shears in addition to regular scissors? i have super thick hair as well and my favorite people always thin it considerably to achieve the look i want. otherwise i look as if im wearing a helmet.

  3. May 2, 2010 9:30 am

    And yes, I did use thinning shears. I actually have to go back in and cut some more this weekend as it isn’t quite thinned/texturized enough. I’m learning. 🙂

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